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Celtic Cartage Safety Stats

We feel if you cannot do the job safely, don't do it! 

Celtic Safety

At Celtic Cartage, safety is our highest priority. CSA scores are monitored and accessed every month to keep company operations flowing smoothly. Our rigorous screening techniques ensure that our customer's goods are transported by the safest and most reliable drivers on the road. We complete alcohol and drug screenings, medical examinations, motor vehicle reports, pre-employment screenings and criminal background checks.

Safety is the foundation of our company's philosophy. Safety does not stop on the highway, we use this core value in our office and maintenance program. Celtic Cartage goes above and beyond the required annual inspection, we test each and every truck twice a year in addition to our monthly random truck inspections.

We take the time to thoroughly train and retrain every driver we put in the driver's seat. All drivers learn all DOT rules and regulations, as well as safe driving techniques during our extensive safety training program. 

Celtic Cartage has a state-of-the-art driver training room, where the safety staff can enhance the drivers' knowledge of the industry. We use videos, presentations and one-on-one meetings to keep all drivers aware of the constantly changing rules and regulations of the trucking industry. We have various programs in place to keep all owner operators and company drivers compliant at all times.